A Hundredth Part

Ancient prophets on the American continent, Jacob, Mormon and Moroni, commented several times that the words which they were compiling and inscribing upon metallic plates contained only “a hundredth part” of the historic, religious and genealogical records kept by their people for a thousand-year period, as recorded in the Book of Mormon. This year, in seminary, we are studying the 531 pages that we do have, and will certainly grow to appreciate them for representing what could have been more than 50,000 pages, had they have been able to record their full account, and not just “a hundredth part.”

Each weekend during this year of study, I will summarize the chapters for the coming week, and try to point out a couple of the important passages for us to ponder. In return, I ask that you students share your thoughts and feelings about what you read; how these scriptures may be applied in our lives, as we strive to liken the scriptures unto ourselves. We can all learn something valuable for our daily life, and these lessons will be taught as much by you as by me.

This is my first attempt at maintaining a forum like this, and I would appreciate any input to make it more interesting for my readers. Over the next few weeks, I hope to develop a fun and informative page for you to visit, and to share with your family and friends. I am also hoping that these messages will reach your peers who have not yet chosen to make seminary a part of their daily activities. Sure, it does start at 6:40 in the morning. However, it is a great way to start our day, putting on the whole armor of God as we step out into the world. Who knows…maybe they, too, will join us in the classroom one of these days!?


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2 responses to “A Hundredth Part

  1. alby59

    This is great. I am pleased at your effort and I would like to ask you if I can reply to your posts once in a while.

  2. Ryan S

    Brilliant idea. The blog will be a great tool for your students and the community. It has worked well for me in the English classroom (http://smithcnhs.blogspot.com/). “A hundredth part” was recorded and I would bet that even the best B of M scholars among us have only learned “a hundredth part” of what we can learn from its pages and the Holy Spirit that attend our reading.

    P.S. Bob, call on me when you need a sub.

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