Burying Your Sword

The Sons of Mosiah…or should we qualify it by recognizing them as the Prince sons of Mosiah, the King of Zarahemla…opted to preach the gospel among the Lamanites rather than taking their rightful seats upon the throne of the Nephites. In the Book of Mormon, we read about many of their success stories and adventures. Some of these Lamanites were so certain in their conversion from battling warriors to peace-abiding people, that they chose to show their faith and conviction by burying their swords and weapons of war. They wanted to make it clear to themselves, and to the Lord, that they had repented and changed their ways.

We often make changes in our lives, leaving behind bad decisions or habits. How do we do so? Do we set our “swords” in the closet, where we can grab them if we change our minds? Or do we cover them up with a pile of dirt that could be pushed away when we revert back to our past ways?

These Lamanites weren’t satisfied with stashing their swords in the closet or covering them with a little dirt. When they decided to change their ways, “they did bury them deep in the earth.” (See Alma 24:16-17.) Not just IN the earth, but DEEP IN the earth! The ways of the past were no longer an option. They knew it, and they new that the Lord knew it.

When you distance yourself from the past, have you indeed buried your sword DEEP in the earth? Alma the younger never forgot his sins from the past. Yet, he buried them deep out of reach, and knew that it was not an option to go back. We need to do the same thing, knowing that there will certainly be times when we could revert to our bad ways. Instead, we must make sure that our swords are buried deep enough in the earth, giving us more strength to battle the adversary, and not give in. At the same time, we can feel comforted by knowing that the Lord is well aware of our efforts to bury them, and that He will give us the necessary strength and support to stay ahead of the adversary. Bury it…and stay safely distant from it!

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